fulfilling time scheme

animated watch face arcade - one hour in one minute

With this website we continue to unfold our progressive vision of time. We are confident this could broaden the viewer's imagination on the miracle of time. We are sure that our works of art contain and radiate 'freedom in time'. And Yes, you can find this deep in yourself too, because it is part of your origin. To put it in a nutshell: 

We compose 24-hour-movies,
that might be used as a watch.

integral model

integral model as vesica piscis, venn diagram, mentis figura

Synthesis of analog & digital view on time

Displayed fields for the hours, minutes and seconds are following the on/off-princip - it is an expression in digits, they count in „1” or „0”;

„1” = Field is „shown up” on the display
„0” = Field is „off” (- except shadow in background)

analog scheme

schematic representation of the earth circle with the time zones

On the other hand, the hours appear in a kind of circle, and therefore they are a similar rendition of the well known analog watch display. The analog-view on time represents the path of the sun over the sky, which is caused by the circulation of the earth.

Furthermore, the integral display is an unary system. The Unary numeral system, is an addition system, which only has ONE symbol with the valence 1. Every futher Number is represented by the same number of this ONE symbol. The quantity of symbols corresponds to the number of units counted.